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Where We Fit

Centeros provides an “operating system” for data centers. What this means is that it provides the tools to manage the infrastructure, environment and operations of the Data Center.

How We Fit

  • An easily deployed, browser based, smart client with an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • A centralised, authoritative source of data center information, including items, software and relationships both inside and outside the center.
  • Visualize the physical infrastructure through detailed rack and floor plans that show at a glance where equipment is installed (or could be installed).
  • Graphical views show how key resources such as space, power, cooling and floor loading are being utilized. Within this view, any imbalances that threaten the data center environment are clearly highlighted so remedial action can be taken.
  • Simple drag-and-drop creation of jobs for installing, moving and removing equipment.
  • Flexible work-flows ensure jobs are tracked and completed on time without mistakes.
  • Impact notification identifies and notifies people affected by change, minimizing downtime and unpleasant surprises.
  • Comprehensive auditing of changes helps trace the source of problems and meet your compliance obligations.
  • Customizable reporting gives you the information you need, when you need it, in the format you want.
  • Flexible licensing gives you a range of deployment and payment options to meet your budget.

Proven Solution

CENTEROS is deployed in some of Australasia’s most respected companies.  Both end user data centers and hosting companies, rely on CENTEROS to manage the day to day challenges of running a data center.  With a highly flexible approach and a product that is evolving to meet ever changing market requirements, CENTEROS is a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management.