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Implementation and Deployment

Our Implementation Process

We endeavour to make the implementation process as painless as possible. We understand that there is a large amount of data to be collected and offer services to help with this process.

CENTEROS implementation consists of a number of phases. Some phases may be run concurrently depending upon available resources and transition practicalities.

Implementation and Deployment Stages

  • Planning
    The initial planning phase of the project consists of a workshop with CENTEROS implementation and customer staff.
  • Installation
    This phase covers the physical installation and configuration of CENTEROS on the customers system.
  • Data Capture
    Data capture and preparation forms the largest part of the implementation process.
  • Data Import
    In this phase, information collected during the data capture phase is entered into the CENTEROS database. This process is carried out by CENTEROS implementation staff.

    Where possible this is automated through the use of utilities that import data from common file formats (typically Microsoft Excel, Text/CSV or XML).

  • Training
    Training takes place once the data import has been completed. This prepares users and administrators for the next phase of implementation where they play a key role
  • Handover
    Hand over occurs after the completion of the training phase. This is a critical part of the implementation as users will now be responsible for setting up their data centers, computer rooms and racks. This stage completes when the customer moves through the Customer Acceptance process.
  • Ongoing Support
    At this point users and administrators will be able to operate CENTEROS on their own with assistance as required from the CENTEROS support team.

    Ongoing support is provided under a support agreement that includes free software updates, equipment templates and telephone/VPN support.

  • Professional Services
    Professional services are available for issues that fall outside of the standard support agreement and are charged at an hourly rate.

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