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Data Center Monitoring


CENTEROS Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) offers all the features you need to run a successful data center.
Our graphical interface makes DCIM a reality, allowing you to manage and explore all the facets of your data center from any location.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring provides visibility of energy usage so every day you have control over your data center environment.


Monitor Intelligent Devices

In many instances today, data center managers are required to make decisions without having all the information. They see their power costs sky rocketing and are asked to explain excess usage, but can’t get the true picture and so have to absorb the costs into their budget.

Real time monitoring gives control back to you, the data center manager, so you can examine where the excess is occurring and ultimately bill the department or customer.

If you don’t have intelligent PDU’s in every rack we give you the flexibility to work with both monitored and unmonitored devices. We’ll read the real time data for monitored items and show a name plate value for the unmonitored items. If you want a more realistic view of the unmonitored items you can capture the data then change the name plate value on the equipment so when you report on usage, it will give you a more realistic view. We know you’ll get clarity over the complexity of your usage issues using CENTEROS Real time monitoring.

CENTEROS’s Real time monitoring gives you clarity over these complex issues, with the ability to read power, temperature and humidity from:-

  • Intelligent power strips, or PDUs
  • Single devices, UPS, transfer switches and generator levels
  • Cooling devices such as chillers, CRAC, CRAH and in-row cooling
  • Environmental sensors either wireless or wired
  • Server CPU, disk drive usage and server sensors such as power, temperature and fan speed.
  • Environmental sensors either wireless or wired
  • Link to the BMS system to pick up the data (depending on the output criteria)

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