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About Us


About Our Company

The name CENTEROS embodies our concept of a ‘data center operating system’.  It provides the tools required to efficiently and effectively manage the physical infrastructure, environment and operations of the Data Center more efficiently, at lower cost, with less risk.

CENTEROS was founded by James Crossley.  His background includes a successful career in the computer industry co-founding two successful technology companies; one which created a dictation software product which is now sold world wide and considered one of New Zealand’s most successful software exports.

James developed an interest in data centers while performing a Project Management contract role helping to manage the facilities and operations of three data centers.  Through his experience of using the manual processes involved and working with the standard tools, various Visio diagrams and Excel spreadsheets he found that finding meaningful information about environmental and security systems was difficult.

Together with his business partner they researched the market looking for a tool to make management of the centers easier and more efficient but found there wasn’t an affordable tool that dealt with the physical infrastructure and day-to-day operations.

Further discussions with data center operators, equipment suppliers and maintenance vendors confirmed this and the concept of a ‘Data Center Operating System’ was born.  They obtained sponsorship by way of a grant from the New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology to assist with the development of their concept for visualisation of data center facilities and CENTEROS was established in 2006.

What We Offer

CENTEROS was designed with three things uppermost in mind

  • Solving real problems for data center managers
  • Ease of use and implementation
  • Affordability

Today CENTEROS solutions can be found in some of Australasia’s most respected companies, and is attracting considerable interest around the globe.  It has been proven in many large business-critical data environments.  It has all the features demanded of a world class application and has won converts everywhere through its flexibility, usability and innovative pricing schedule.

Our belief in continuous enhancement of our product ensures that CENTEROS customers will have a comprehensive and flexible data center management solution to take them into the future.