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Our Philosophy

At CENTEROS our goal is simply to help you regain control of your Data Centers.

Putting Data Center Managers in Control

We don’t want to revolutionize your world, remodel your business or move our implementation team in to spend months changing the way you do things.  What we do want to do is work with you to support you in the business you already know.

We do this by providing tools that help to enhance your processes, save you time and money and help you to understand the important day to day issues in your data center. CENTEROS provides a simple, effective and easy to implement solution that helps solve the real problems that you encounter every day.

During our research into what Data Center Managers really needed we found that many data centers have similar problems.

  • Poor record keeping.
  • A lack of adherence to environmental specifications.
  • Inadequate change control.
  • Inability to predict for future planning.
Our Philosophy

Because we have a background of real experience in managing a data center we have designed CENTEROS to be easy to use and reflect real processes in the data center environment.

Our Commitment to Service

We believe in excellence of service and will endeavour to answer your queries as quickly as possible. As a customer of ours, you matter to us.

We can make your transition to our Data Center Management tool easy and painless. We provide services that help you to export your current data easily from whatever platform you use to our software.