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Finally, a purpose-built data center management software solution.

CENTEROS manages the physical infrastructure of your data centers in an effective visual way.

  • Capacity and Asset Managment
  • Visualise your data center
  • Manage your power, heat and weight
  • Monitor your intelligent devices
  • Delivered online or self hosted

Capacity Management

Instantly view available capacity of racks, power, cooling, weight and network connections.

Impact Assessment and Analysis

Evaluate the impact of failure or routine maintenance on your equipment, customers or environment.

Customer & Contact Management

Find out who owns, repairs or is responsible for a piece of equipment or application.

Real Time Monitoring

Capture usage data from intelligent devices to monitor power, temperature and humidity. See issues in a glance then delve into the equipment to view gauges and graph data over specified time frames.

Change Management

Manage the flow of operational tasks such as the planning, installation and removal of equipment, connections and applications.

Data Center Management Software

We can make your transition to our Data Center Management software easy and painless. We provide services that help you to export your current data easily from whatever platform you use to our software.