Impact Assessment and Analysis

Analyse the impact of change

Our Impact Notification tool will keep your customers, users and staff happy by identifying early any potential problems when servicing or maintaining equipment in the data center. When the impact of these changes or outages is identified CENTEROS makes it easy to notify the affected parties.

When a change or failure happens in the data center the first step taken is the notification of people affected. You then work to eliminate any possible downtime because the penalties for breaking service level agreements can be huge.

Using Impact Notification select an item such as a UPS, then choose a date and time when that item will be under maintenance. CENTEROS traces all the equipment and services that may be impacted by a failure or change to the related item and creates a report detailing the impact.

Using the impact report you can choose to send an email notification to the relevant contact people to let them know about the upcoming maintenance. Email templates are easily customizable through the administration tools.

The Impact Tool can also assist in creating what-if scenarios which help to further identify any cascading affects of a planned Outage or maintenance.

CENTEROS makes planning for the future easy and allows you to ensure a consistent service is provided to all your customers.