Customer Contact Management

Customer contact management

CENTEROS helps your data center deliver the highest level of service possible. We know it’s important to track the details of each piece of equipment but another critical question, often asked, is who is the person responsible for this equipment?

Contact Management Tour

View screenshots to see how you can manage your customer contacts and create access lists for your data centers.
Contact Management becomes necessary anytime there are problems such as equipment failure, servers needing rebooting or people unplugging the wrong equipment. Using the Quick Search you can quickly find the equipment on the floor plan and track down the related outage notification contacts.

The Contact Management functionality will help in many types of scenarios:

Example 1. Someone arrives at the front desk wanting access to a rack or piece of equipment. Search for the equipment and check the contact details to see if this person is authorized to have access.

Exampe 2. The Data Center manager needs to know who is responsible for servicing the air conditioning in one of his centers. CENTEROS has contacts listed by data center according to their services for example fire, cabling and equipment providers.

How does it work

When a customer is created the contacts, equipment and jobs are tracked on that customers form. Every piece of equipment can have many different types of contacts linked to it. The contact role is a customizable field so you can add your own specific contact names like Outage Notification, Prime Contact and Technical Owner.

CENTEOS gives you the flexibility to manage your contacts in any way. Contacts can be associated with a single customer or across many. This allows you to have contractors associated with the data center who also perform work for different customers within the center.