Change Management

Process made easy

Process automation insures your Data Center operations run smoothly and your data always reflects reality

Change Management Tour

View screenshots to see how to plan changes, create workflows, send email notifications and view workflow actions.
Data Center managers are busy, every day being pulled between different tasks. Workflow makes it easy for you to quickly create a job within a Workflow and move on with the confidence that it will manage itself to completion.

CENTEROS standardizes your processes for commissioning and decommissioning equipment. Our Jobs and Workflow help you put in place processes that must be adhered to. You design processes which fit your business and CENTEROS manages and tracks them for you.

Often billing is forgotten but with Workflow you can put this as the last task in the Workflow so you will never forget to bill!

Workflows are totally customizable. You can create as many Workflows as you like according to all the different processes that are unique to your data centre.

When a Job is connected to a workflow it sends email notifications to the person/people responsible for each particular task, and if a task is not completed in the estimated time frame it escalates the incomplete task to the responsible manager. Workflows can even be paused and restarted according to what is happening with that job.

With Jobs and Workflow you will have more control over processes ensuring that SLA’s are met and fewer errors are made. This leads to happier customers and an easier working environment for you.

Create your workflows easily

Create a Job and add your tasks. Tasks represent actions like installing, connecting, moving, removing or disconnecting an item. Once your Job is created you can drag and drop your equipment onto the floor plan, rack, server or blade enclosure. Then add the connection tasks for network and power.

When the setup is complete the Job can be attached to a workflow. The workflow manages the stages that are required to commission the space, place the equipment in the rack, connect the power and network connections.