Capacity Management

Master your data center resources

CENTEROS was built to make managing Space, Power and Cooling easy. Scale floor plans of each data center room show the position of equipment and the availability of space.

Color Coding For Simplicity


Capacity Management Tour

View screen shots to see capacity from a high level down to the details and how to create equipment from templates. 

Color coding shows you instantly what is happening in a rack. The default view shows the amount of rack space which has been used by color. For example Orange indicates that 66.7% of rack units have been used or 28 of the 41 U's are full.

Drill-down to view the front and rear elevations of racks and equipment to further check the actual location of available space including blade enclosures.

Different filters can be used in the room schematic view to display colors for heat load, weight and connections. Each piece of equipment contributes to these overall values and can be changed. The resources tab allows you to edit the details including the weight, power, heat, space and dimensions of the asset.

Our template library stores the resource information for common equipment. These templates can be used to quickly create instances of real equipment that are installed in your data centre. These Templates remove the requirement to repeatedly look up, interpret and key information for vendor specifications.