Asset Management

Asset management made simple

As an Asset Management system CENTEROS provides a single trusted source of information which eliminates “tribal knowledge”. Centralizing your information allows you to reduce misunderstandings, errors and outages as everyone has access to all available information.

Asset Management Tour

View screenshots of the data captured in the items form and how to manage connections and the connection path.

CENTEROS insures you don’t spend your valuable time trying to locating assets in the data centre. Our quick search feature finds the equipment on the floor plan, in the rack, or in a blade enclosure and gives you timely access to more detailed information if you need it.

CENTEROS allows you to easily manage many rooms across multiple data centers while simplifying the key relationships between the data centre and associated equipment and applications.

Because our data fields are customizable you can store all relevant information against each device. This ensures other ah-hoc data sources aren’t necessary. 



Easily trace connections for power or network using our connections tab.

See which patch panel the equipment is connected to then trace the path the connection takes back to the patch frame or further. Then print the path and hand it to your installer so no mistakes are made.

If you have previously used non-specialized tools like Excel and Visio to store your data we can import it to save you time and money.