Product Overview

CENTEROS Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) offers all the features you need to run a successful data center.

Our graphical interface makes DCIM a reality, allowing you to manage and explore all the facets of your data center from any location.

Data Center Management Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management is a whole new software area with many components. Click here to learn more about DCIM.


Capacity Management

CENTEROS provides a graphical view of resources allowing you to quickly identify spare capacity or issues relating to space, racks, power, cooling, weight and network connections. Visual tools provide “What if” analysis to reduce the time taken to plan installations, moves or decommissioning work.


Asset Management

Use our visual tools to search and locate equipment in any part of the data center. Results provide the physical location, detailed information about the device, its power and connections.


Real Time Monitoring

Capture usage data from intelligent devices to monitor in real time, power, temperature and humidity. See at a glance where there’s an issue then delve into the equipment to view gauges and graph data over specified time frames. Provides the ability to report on usage and PUE.


Change Management

Use our Workflow tools to guarantee consistency, track progress and ensure installations are completed on time. Avoid wasting time and money by identifying installation issues before commencing work.


Impact Assessment and Analysis

Use the impact assessment tools to identify not only the equipment but also the customers impacted by a change, then use Impact Notification to inform them. Or create what-if scenarios to evaluate the affects of a planned outage.


Customer & Contact Management

When you have equipment issues, quickly identify the owners, contacts and third party vendors involved. Maintain a list of authorized contacts to ensure only the right people gain access to equipment.


CENTEROS Overview Video

If you like what you see and hear have a look at the CENTEROS Overview Video.