RIP Shirley Zhou

RIP Shirley Zhou

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Wednesday, James and I attended a memorial for Shirley Zhou at one of our customers, the University of Auckland.  It was a very sad and moving event. 


Shirley was the CENTEROS administrator for the University and a valued member of the data centre operations team. Shirley and her husband George were murdered while in Toronto, Canada visiting family.


We had a lot of dealings with Shirley.  Not only did we like her as a person.  We found her awesome to work with.  To our delight, she took to CENTEROS like a fish to water. 


Despite a heavy workload, nothing seemed to faze her.  “Undocumented features”, especially in early releases, held up her work but she took it all in her stride with good humour. 


Shirley was well liked and very highly regarded.  She will be missed. 

Why do terrible things happen to good people?


Our condolences to Shirley’s family and friends.