We've Opened Our Australian Office

We’ve Opened Our Australian Office

Monday, March 11, 2013

This month we opened our Australian Office which is based in Melbourne.  


In the last 6 months we’ve seen a great deal of growth in the DCIM market in Australia, so wanted to have personnel on the ground to more effectively deal with all the sales enquires, implementations and customer support.   We’d like to welcome to the CENTEROS Team, Ian Lyons who is our new Country Manager.  He’ll also be involved in growing International sales as we move into Asia and beyond.


Ian is an accomplished Marketing and Sales Professional and he brings with him strong leadership skills that enable him to build effective dedicated teams focused on results. Ian has a passion for sales and has successfully led and managed International Sales development and growth in several large corporates.  He also has a tremendous depth of experience in the IT&T industry and the Data Center space in Australia and beyond, where he’s been involved in building lasting relationships with OEM partners and distribution channels in Europe, Asia and North America.


Since he’s joined us, we’ve found that he is always willing to contribute to the larger organization and his recent work in the Data Center space, helping to assess areas of risk, agility and capability, have given him invaluable skills that match CENTEROS’s product brief perfectly.


We’re excited about these new opportunities and look forward to connecting with you personally and demonstrating the value of using CENTEROS DCIM to give you Clarity over the Complexity of managing your Data Centres’ Infrastructure.


The Melbourne office details are on our contact us page /contact-us.aspx