Monitoring Beta Released

Monitoring Beta Released

Saturday, January 26, 2013

We're excited about the release of our new Monitoring module which is due at the end of Q1 2013.  It went into beta in December and several of our current customers are already trialling it with great results!


Monitoring Using SNMP


CENTEROS Version 2.2 has many small changes in it but the most eagerly awaited addition is the Monitoring Module which allows SNMP monitoring of intelligent devices.  This means that we can collect all your power data in CENTEROS so that you have a current view of what is really happening now with your power consumption.  This module can collect data from any SNMP enabled equipment such as Air Conditioning units, UPS’s, servers etc.


The Monitoring module shows gauges  that accurately display details of the data collected for a room, a particular rack, or a piece of equipment in that rack.  As the data is collected CENTEROS gives you the ability to graph the collected data over a period of time and display by minute, hour, day, month or year.  


It also takes regular snap shots of the collected data over specific periods of time so you can report on trends relating to power monitoring occurring in your data centre.


If you’re interested in finding our more about our Monitoring module join one of our Webinars, or contact our sales team and we can email you a Data Sheet.