CENTEROS Version 2.1

CENTEROS Version 2.1 Released

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We're excited about the new functionality that we have added in CENTEROS Verion 2.1 which has been released this month.  CENTEROS Data Center Infrastructure Management software is designed to provide data centres with management tools to manage their sites, customers, jobs, racks, items and capacity.

The CENTEROS Software Team are always endeavouring to keep our customers happy by communicating with them, asking for their input so they can share their ideas on what they feel would make CENTEROS better, easier to use and more fully featured.

We've listened to you and believe that these changes will make CENTEROS work more efficiently and faster. There are some shortcut features and added functionality as well.

Listed below are some of the features that are covered.

Search Window Paging
Added paging here to make it easier to view larger lists of items.

Quick Lookup Lists
These lists give you quick access to a list that matches the text you have typed in the Quick Lookup field. These lists are found on the Job Tasks window, the Items window and several others.

Schematic Changes
Lots of little changes have been made here including:

-    Improved locate of items, by label, serial number, asset number and bar code over many data centers and many rooms.
-    Support for half blades in Blade Chassis.
-    Easier access to add and update jobs and job tasks.
-    Items listed by model and manufacturer.

Duplicating Connectors and Connections
Connectors and connections can now be duplicated easily.

Item Template Window Changes
Templates can now be duplicated easily.

If you want more information about the added functionality in Version 2.0 Release 1 please email